Are you taking a daily dose of meds but that nagging pain keeps coming back? This may be related to muscular imbalances; either from physical, chemical, injuries that never healed properly or even mental stressors. 

If dysfunctions are caught early enough, the muscular imbalances which cause them can be corrected.  

First line of defense in relieving pain is to restore structural balance in the body, how we can help.

The Clinical Approach - Neuromuscular MassageTherapy:
Your sessions consists of evidence informed approaches to musculoskeletal rehabilitation, in which treatment offers methods of removing obstacles to self-healing, while enhancing function. 

Stop Pain today!
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The 3 hallmarks of Neuromuscular are:
Skilled assessments: identifying the source of the pain.

Precise treatment: sessions based on your specific needs. Include Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Stretching, Muscle Energy Techniques, Protocals etc...

Results: using benchmarks and measurements which enable you to see the progress in a short time.

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In the hands of a qualified therapist NMT may eliminate acute or chronic muscular pain.

Migraines, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel, ITB syndrome, fibromyalgia, TMJ, reduce scar tissue, improve your range of motion and recover from Injury. Click on symptoms guide  and the benefits to you.

Taking the strain off vulnerable tissues is the foundation of recovery.

You've never EXPERIENCED deep tissue massage like this! It's massage therapy going beyond the basic relaxation, focusing on improving and maintaining your health. Become a New Client to begin treatment.

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Mara Nicandro Nctmb #600901-11
Nationally Certified Neuromuscular and Lymphatic Therapist

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