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I've read a lot about Pure Mexican Vanilla and can't figure out what the difference is between regular vanilla and Mexican Vanilla. How can I know for real?

There are some great articles written on the web but on occasion some do create confusion. In order to understand the difference between Pure Mexican Vanilla and Mexican Vanilla Extracts of Vanilla you need to understand how it is produced. Mexican Vanilla comes from a bean. The only pure form can come from a Mexican Vanilla Bean. Pure denotes that nothing has been added to or taken away from. So the only Pure form of Mexican Vanilla is a bean that grows in Mexico.

In order to use this bean in cooking, baking, etc. you will need it in a liquid form. Another ingredient that is found in Mexican Vanilla is alcohol. Alcohol is used as a preservative. The claim that states that Mexican Vanilla has to have 35% alcohol is not true. You can't even taste the vanilla when a product is diluted with alcohol like that.

The price is high for vanilla from Mexico... that's true. Anytime you bring in authentic products from outside of the country, you will be paying a higher price. We are able to keep costs down because we import our Vanilla and Agave by the truck loads.

You do need to be careful that you get a vanilla extract that has been FDA approved. There aren't that many out there.

If you have any further questions, please let us know.



Thank you so much for providing such wonderful Mexican Vanilla products! I have tried several variations and this one is by far the best!
~Ingrid, VA

This Mexican Vanilla is awesome and the agave syrup is killer. Thanks again ~C Tomkins

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